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Desperate Measures..

What do you do when you have finally found who you've been looking for?? That one perfect guy that you know was meant for you.. The one that makes your heart beat so fast every time he looks at you that you swear he can hear it thumping against your rib cage..The one that looks at you with those eyes that'll make you feel like the only one in the room.. The one that makes you think of him the second you wake up to the second your head hits the pillow, but even then you ache to dream about.. The one that makes you choke on your words when he enters a room because of how amazing he looks to you.. The one that you'd would do any thing for so that you could keep him forever.. The one that.. Absolutely wants nothing more to do with you because he's grown bored after two months.. The one that used to always blow up your phone via text or FB but now not even a good morning.. The one that now is always on his phone messaging someone else the way he used to do with you.. The one that used to tell you he loved you but now won't even so much as say goodbye when he leaves..What do you do when your heart is telling you its breaking but your head won't listen?? What do you do when all you want is to go back, fix what's wrong, and hope it never happens again?? What do you do??



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