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What is it that brings you here?? Well my friend in an attempt to help my mother out with a PayPal account she first needed to know her email which she didn't know the passwords to any of them.. Which in turn made my anxiety alert go off on a tangent and so I felt I needed to get onto every thing I'm signed up for to make sure I can access them.. This was my last stop because I had forgotten about it.. And man as soon as I logged in I got sucked into reading all my old posts.. I can assure anyone that might read this, that I am no longer that angry, self loathing, emo gutter punk of a person.. I am so much in a happier healthy mindset that you would think I was two different people all together.. I can't even believe how many toxic people I let take advantage of me and just blindside me with whatever voodoo they used.. Until next time my friends and I promise it won't be long.. Have and amazing day..

"It's okay to be a glowsitck.. Some times we need to break before we can shine.."


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