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My Outlook On the Whole Craig Mabbitt/Ronnie Radke Debate..
     It seems every time I get on Youtube, to enjoy an Escape The Fate video, I skim through the comments a bit and it's always the same argument over and over again.. Craig Mabbitt sucks Ronnie Radke is better or vise versa.. I understand that the internet gives people a way to "voice" their opinions but come on guys the on-going argument over who is the better lead singer is really dumb..  It's not going to make Craig leave and Ronnie come back..I'm sure none of you know who or what I'm talking about so I'll do my best to give you a quick history lesson on what I'm talking about..

           Ronnie used to be the lead singer of a band called Escape The Fate but was kicked out for either A.) drug problems  B.) being arrested or C.) both.. There are stories that claim Ronnie was in violation of probation for his drug use and other stories claim he was being charged for murder back in 2006..Whatever the real reason the dude ended up in prison for five years because of it.. The murder charge one, he  didn't even pull the trigger that left an 18 year old dead,his friend did but he took the fall for it.. Rather then have ETF disband his now ex-friend and ex-band mate Max decided to keep the band together..

           Craig had been in another band called BlessTheFall but had left the band in the middle of a tour to be with his daughter and watch her grow up..He also wanted to find himself again because he wasn't sure if music was what he wanted to do.. After he decided that music was his thing he tried getting back into BTF but they said it would be best if he didn't come back..

           From my understanding from reading interviews from both parties, both Ronnie and Craig were friends while Ronnie was still with Escape The Fate..Craig had even done some backup singing for the band.. When Ronnie got put away Max asked Craig to step up.. Of course Craig did and now Escape The Fate is the band it is today.. Ronnie is now out of prison, pissed off at anyone in ETF,  and in a whole new band of his own called Falling In Reverse..

            I own "Dying Is Your Latest Fashion", "This War Is Ours",  and "Escape The Fate".. Ronnie is lead on the first one and Craig is lead on the other two.. Both guys are amazing and just bring a sound that is their own and you can tell the overall difference.. Ronnie brings out a softer more mellowish side of ETF whereas Craig brings out this hardcore in your face type of ETF.. I plan on getting Falling In Reverse's  "The Drug In Me Is You" when it comes out in a few weeks.. If I love it or hate it it'll be because of the overall sound of it and not because of who is singing.. I guess what I'm trying to say is, is that to me it seems no one can look past who singing and actually enjoy the music for what it is..And that's just really sad..


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