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A Portrait Of The Artist
Anyone whose known me for a long amount of time know that I am most comfortable wearing jeans,band shirts, and my chucks.. I'll even throw on a hoodie every now and again.. Never been one for dresses, skirts, or heels (to flat footed for that)..Not saying I don't use one, butt don't like carrying a purse because all I need is my phone, keys, and cash..I'll wear a messenger bag that's it.. This is the way I've been dressing since my second year of high school.. This is the way I will continue to dress until I decide to change it up.. I have recently started wearing skirts and that is only when I go downtown sometimes or over to Ybor..
I don't understand what it is about me that I guess gives off this lesbian-ish vibe, but I'm over it.. I am not gay, I have never even thought of wanting to get with a chick in my life, I don't keep that many girls as friends because I don't like hanging out with them.. I've grown up with two younger brothers that like to pick on me and beat the crap out of me to this day.. I used to hang out with them and their friends playing Manhunt and Capture The Flag rather then sit in some cotton candy bedroom braiding hair and playing with barbies..

Ever since high school I've been asked numerous times if I were gay.. I even remember the first time it happened.. My best friend's mom asked if I was because I had a wallet chain and my pants were slightly baggy..I wasn't rocking a long ass chain like they did, mine was a short little one, and my pants weren't sagging off my butt, I just didn't like how constricting skinny jeans were at the time..Never really put much thought into it because all my friends had wallet chains and wore their jeans baggy..But that night when I went home I took off the chain, never wore it again, and my jeans got a bit skinnier.. All because I didn't want to come off as a lesbian..
It seems I can't win and everyone assumes that I'm gay right off the bat before getting to know me..I can't get my hair cut short because the jokes will start up again, I can't keep it long because that makes me look like a dyke also..
I hate this feeling of being confined into a label that has me not wanting to do what I want but what others want so they'll leave me alone..I've been doing it for so long now that I'm getting tired of it, and if it keeps going like this it'll only help me leave that much quicker and sooner..


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