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"Fun" Facts if you will..
* I have a mild case of OCD.. My shirts, dvds, and cds are in alphabetical order..And I do count flights of stairs but only if it's the first time I've gone up or down them..
* I can't have the radio volume on odd numbers because I hate odd numbers..
* My favorite numbers are 13 and 27.. Yeah I can't understand that one either..
* Purple, black, and grey are my favorite colors..
* When I'm driving home there is a certain house on my block i'll undo my seatbelt..
* I have Tinnitus, which is a constant ringing in the ears, so I have to sleep with some sort of background noise like a radio, tv, or fan..
* You'll know when I'm past my drinking point when you start to hear my Brooklyn accent come out lol..
* I have the memory of an elephant..However I can't remember anything before I was 13..
* I always say I hate the beach but I really don't.. Well certain things about the beach I hate but not the beach itself..
* I love going camping, fishing, and just being outdoors in general when the weather is amazing..
* Christmas is a hard holiday for me to handle..
* I don't plan things on or celebrate my birthday because I've have never had a good birthday to date..
* I love to hug, even random people at bars..
* I'm very laid back and never really jealous..Maybe thats why the next one is bad haha..
* I've only been in three relationships and they were all bad..Jump into them to quickly without getting to really know the guy I guess..
* There is a guy in Ohio that I think about at least once a day.. Crazy thing is I've never met him in person..
* If i'm in a room full of adults and kids, you'll find me playing with the little ones.. They are so neat..Maybe one day i'll have one of my own..
* Out of my ten tattoos the one on my leg means the most to me..
* My favorite lyric out of any song is of course a GC song.. "The scars run deep inside this tattooed body..Theres things I'll take to my grave..But i'm okay.."
* I love taking road trips solo..Having a partner in crime does make it funnier though..
* I love to sing but not around people..
* I talk in my sleep..
* I draw on everything..
* If you've ever noticed the black line on my front tooth, it's from falling out of a tree when I was little.. Hit my mouth on a fence and my tooth popped out.. From that black line down is fake..
* I was a band geek from 7th to 11th grade.. Alto saxaphone whats up..
* It's no secret I hate this town and want to get out..
* I have the meanest attitude you could ever come across..
* My first concert was New Kids On The Block lol..
* Middle school I was a teeny bopper into all the boy bands..
* I used to talk alot..
* I love when people tell stories..
* I have an over-active imagination and it runs away from me all the time..
* I really love writing..
* Except for this entry all of my entry posts on here, Myspace, or in my journals will have songs for titles..


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