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Your Nickle Ain't Worth My Dime..
Dear sir #1,
I no longer feel the need to be in contact with you any longer.. Though you have swindled a decent amount of coin from me over the past three years now, and I being the idiot for allowing it, I can not and will not let you do it from my friends.. Especially when these are new friends.. Surely your failed attempts at calling me have finally fallen on your deaf ears.. I'm tired of being the person you can come running to when your life restarts it's always downward spiral.. Go ahead and count me out of your housing plans as well.. Living with you would only end up in a nightmare, because other than a few choices in music we have nothing in common with one another.. We can't even keep a decent conversation going without it lagging into a VERY uncomfortable silence.. I'm pretty sure I could go further on with this but I'm getting to the point where talking about you is getting annoying.. So you sir just keep doing what your doing because it's the only way you know how.. I'd feel bad for the next poor bastard you fall upon, but it they can't see you coming.. Well than they deserve it just as much as I did..

Dear sir #2:
You completely fascinate me.. I don't know what it is but every time our group is together I feel drawn to you.. Even when I keep a safe distance I can't help but glance your way every so often.. There are even times when you are looking back at me.. You are so quiet and it usually takes a beer or three for you to creep out of your shell.. You and I have many things in common.. Bottom line I think you are adorable and handsome as all get out.. You seem incredible smart, are well established as far as job and living goes.. Your photography is pretty badass.. You have tattoos and a piercing.. Even your cat is awesome.. I know that I could go on and on about you.. You are perfect.. Not a flaw that I can see.. Or maybe their there but I'm to blinded by your sheer awesomeness right now that they haven't surfaced.. I wish I weren't so shy and had the guts to say these things to you in person.. I just don't like putting myself out on the line though because I've been hung by it so many times..


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