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Dead and Buried

Don't you dare tell me you have it so much worse then I do.. You don't have one iota of a clue as to the life I've lived thus far.. Your mother may be plotting against you now because of the crap your ex wife is putting you through, my mother walked out on me and my brothers when I was 13.. I didn't get to enjoy an adolescent teenage life, I had to take care of my brothers until they could do it for themselves.. Even then I'm tormented with the choices my youngest brother made because I feel like a failure for his drug habits..
So you don't talk to your parents because your current wife is a raging bitch and has you on a choke chain and short leash. Try having the only remaining parent tell you everyday that your worthless and a piece of shit, or that you're to stupid to breathe and would be dead if it wasn't a natural human thing..
You seem to have all these horrible relationships.. You chose them and chose to get rid of them.. No where is it my fault that you pick woman that try and drag you through the dirt.. Nor does that give you grounds to so the same to me..At least you've had relationships, I can't land a single male if my pathetic life depended on it.. My looks don't even warrant me a second glance from a guy no matter how hard I try.. I chose not to let people in because I hate being at the mercy of other peoples pity.. I am my own pity party of one because at the end of the day I chose either to let it go or to let it keep dragging me down.. I don't like people in my business because I don't like being in theirs..


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do not be so gloomy, girl. I have got to your blog occasionally and was surprised by terrible mood of yours. Is this really sunny Florida? Not Minnesota?

Good luck
One guy from Eastern Europe

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